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Fees & Charges, Terms & Conditions

2018 Fees and Charges


All fees and charges listed are non-refundable and inclusive of GST.

MSOD Academy (Main, Leadership and/ Specialised Streams)


Total Fee


Class Minutes

Term by Term

Saving if pay  Year in Advance




Entry Gym
















The above fees are the fees applicable to a single Academy class – they include components for insurance, tuition, equipment, performance and costumes.  They exclude costs for special items – e.g. Video / Photography, VCE / Dance Exam Fees, Trips, etc.  Note: Entry Gym does not perform.

Term Fees are due by the end of the first week of each term, Year in Advance Fees (4 times term fee less 5%) are due by the end of February.

Discounts / caps apply to those students who enroll in multiple classes, to third or more siblings, and for payment Year in Advance– see below for details.

NOTE:  The best way to get an accurate total cost for your proposed enrolment is to complete an ‘MSOD Request to Enrol’ form and forward it to us.  We will generate an MSOD Enrolment quotation and send it back to you for your consideration.  When you confirm your interest we will enrol you and issue you with an invoice.

Video/Photography Fee

We arrange for professional videoing and / or photography of major performances.  These videos and photos are available to participating students/parents at additional cost.

VCE and Dance Exam Fees

VCE and Dance Exam requirements / fees are not included in this document.


Multiple Class Discount

Any student enrolled in more than one class will receive a $10 discount per term off the total fee for each additional class

Total Fee Cap

If the total fees for a student would be over $450 per term ($1700 Year in Advance) – equal to two 60 minute and one 45 minute class - then the fees will be reduced to $450 / $1700.   Only costume fees ($35 per performance) will apply to any additional classes. The Parent/Guardian of the child needs to gain consent from Miss Marlene for the student to partake in extra classes.

Multiple Family Members Discount

Any family who has three or more family members attending Academy Classes for the full year will receive a discount as follows:

·            The eldest two students will pay full price less any multiple class discount that applies.

·            Any additional direct family members will have all fees for classes discounted by 10%.

Year in Advance Payments

Payment of fees Year in Advance (by end February) will reduce total fees payable by 5%.  (If YIA is selected and payment not made by end February, invoicing will be automatically reverted to term by term).


Trial of Classes

New students enrolling for the first time at MSOD, and existing students trialing totally new classes, are welcome to trial Academy Performance classes for up to three weeks.  The student / parent must complete a Request to Enrol Form (for insurance purposes) and will be required to pay casually ($20 per class) at the front desk before the commencement of each class.

If the student decides to continue in the Academy Performance after the three weeks, the sum of these casual payments will be deducted from the Term by Term or Year in Advance payment (depending on which payment method you prefer). 

Payment Due Dates

Term fees are due by the end of the first week of each term – unless trialing a class, when they are due by the end of the trial period.  Year in Advance fees are due by the end of February.

Methods of Payment

Cash or Cheque Payment


Cash or cheque payments can be made to the MSOD staff at the front desk when attending for class.  You will be issued with a receipt.  Cheques need to be made out to “Jazz It Up School of Dance”.

At Bank of Melbourne, Colac

Cheques or cash can be deposited over the counter at Bank of Melbourne, Colac directly to our bank account.  It is essential that you ask the bank to enter details that allow us to identify your payment.  The bank cannot enter your Customer ID, so please use the phone number you have given us as the reference instead.


Credit Card

Payment by Credit Card is available by requesting an electronic Invoice – the invoice has a facility to allow you to pay by any Credit Card (not Debit Card).  We do not have facilities to swipe cards.


Online Payment

A payment can be made from your bank account’s online payment system using following:

BSB:                     193 879

Account:               483 793 260

Account Name:     Jazz It Up School of Dance

Reference:           It is essential that your Customer ID (first initial and surname of registered parent) is referenced on all payments so we can process the receipt to your account and avoid any confusion/discrepancies.

Please retain a copy (electronic or hardcopy) of the receipt showing time, date and amount / details of the transaction so you can track it if it does not transfer to our account.  Note we do not normally acknowledge these transfers.

Payment Arrangements

Please speak to Terry or Ken if you are having difficulties paying your fees, so we can come to an arrangement that hopefully will allow your child/children to continue dancing while you catch up on payments.


Late Payment Penalty Fee

A late payment penalty fee of $10 will be applied to any invoice that is over 4 weeks overdue, and monthly thereafter.

Debt Collection

If no suitable payment plan can be agreed upon, then regrettably debt collection will ensue.  If this happens, then debt collection fees incurred will be added to your debt.

MSOD Dance Club Classes (Zumba only at this point of time)

$5 per class.

  Terms and Conditions

The following apply to all Club and Academy students and parents:


1.          The parents or legal guardians of all under 18 year old students are solely responsible for the safety of their children when they are outside a dance venue.  Adult students (18 years and over) are responsible for themselves when they are outside a dance venue.


2.          Parents of all students under 13 years of age must personally have them “signed in” by the front desk personnel, and pick them up from inside the dance venue.  Parents of students over 13 years of age attending rehearsals may make alternative arrangements in writing with the school staff.


3.          Any children behaving in an unsafe manner do so at their own risk.  It is recommended that students should not be in attendance at dance venues more than 10 minutes prior to the commencement of their classes (except by prior arrangements), and parents should remain with their children while waiting for classes to commence.  Marlene’s School of Dance Colac is only responsible whilst students are in the dance venues after being signed in.  Students must not be at venues more than 10 minutes after their class (except by prior arrangement).  Siblings of students are not the responsibility of MSOD.


4.          Families of children causing property damage in or around dance venues will be held liable for the repair/replacement of damage.


5.          While in dance venues, all persons must comply with Procedures as set out by the managers of the dance venue.  Failure to comply with this requirement could result in suspension, expulsion or exclusion from the MSOD Dance School without refund of fees.


6.          Any vehicle attending any dance venue is to be parked in marked parking bays or street side, and follow all parking regulations as signed.  MSOD does not monitor parking areas.  Please be aware of children moving to/from other cars when near to venues.


7.          All amounts invoiced must be finalized by the due date as shown on the tax invoice.  Discounts will apply to early payments as explained in the Student Information Book.  Non-payment of accounts may result in exclusion from classes and/or debt collection.


8.          An absence of three consecutive Academy classes without prior notice may result in suspension or expulsion from the School without refund of fees, and as such an absence may have an impact upon the student’s ability to participate in any major performance as absence affects choreography.


9.          Correct class attire, as outlined above, will be compulsory within three weeks of enrolment.


10.       All decisions made during the operation of classes and rehearsals will be made by the instructors/school management taking into account the wellbeing of students involved, all other students, instructional staff and the school.  If any parent or guardian is concerned about a decision that has been made, an appointment with the Principal (Miss Marlene) may be requested out of dance school hours.  During this appointment the decision may be upheld or overturned by Miss Marlene.


11.       Cooperation and consideration of others by students and parents is required at all times.  Any disruptive or disrespectful attitudes or behaviour will not be tolerated.  Any behaviour consistently disregarding this or any other of the above conditions may result in suspension or expulsion from the school without refund of fees.


12.       All students, parents and teachers must comply with all Marlene’s School of Dance Colac Codes of Conduct and Policies.


13.       Photographs/videos of students may be taken during classes and at special activities and events, including the Mid and End of Year Productions, to recognize and promote student participation in both the dance school and the wider community.  Photos/videos at these events may only be taken by authorized school representatives and must be checked by Miss Marlene to ensure they are decent before use/issue/publication.  Enrolment in our school implies student and parent consent for such photos to be taken, issued to class groups, and used in school promotional materials, including print and electronic materials and web pages.  Photography/videoing inside any dance studio or performance space (e.g. COPACC, Kidz Kingdom etc.) is prohibited unless authorized in writing in advance by MSOD Management.  All photographers must agree to equal share copyright of all photographs/videos between the photographer and MSOD.


14.       Under Australian Law, all choreography created for and performed in our dance school is automatically covered by Copyright.  This includes but is not limited to warm ups, class room works, and performance pieces of all genres, and includes works included in any videos/photographs taken.  Unless a person has been given written permission from the dance school to do so including - where required – the written permission from the teacher who originally choreographed the work, no choreographed works may be recorded and commercially used or used in another dance school.  Where approval is given appropriate recognition of MSOD/originators copyright ownership shall be included whenever used (i.e.:  by the use of watermarks, acknowledgement of MSOD copyright etc.).  Further, no teacher or student (past or present) of our school, or other person, may perform any of these works in any other environment without the written permission of the dance school.  There are a number of circumstances where the dance school will happily allow students to perform works, so long as that permission has been requested and granted in writing.


15.       Student entry into senior level classes (e.g. Leadership etc.) is only by invitation by Miss Marlene/teachers, and is subject to students and family members agreeing to comply with the Leadership Level Code of Conduct.


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