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Student Handbook


Marlene’s School of Dance, Colac

“2016 Student Handbook”



Following is the Concise Version of the 2016 Student Handbook - please also see Timetable tab and Fees and Charges tab on this website.


The Full Version of the 2016 Student Handbook is split over various tabs on this website - including this one, The Team, Special Dates, Events & Timetable, Class Attire, Fees & Charges, Ethics and Policies and Contact Us.  If you would like an electronic copy of the full 2016 Student  Handbook please email enrolments@colacschoolofdance.com  requesting it.

Kana Festival

The Colac KANA Festival will be held shortly after the Dance School begins classes for the year.  Further information about performing at KANA will be distributed during Class.  There is no additional fee for students who wish to participate in the KANA Festival. 

All Academy Classes are expected to perform at KANA.

Performances,Costumes and Props

Participation in the Mid-Year and End of Year Performances, and other community events is compulsory for MSOD Academy Performance Classes students.

A Costume/Props Fee per subject (see Fees and Charges for cost) will be charged in Term 1 and Term 3 in order to allow the dance school to take advantage of sales throughout the year and to purchase from overseas, to ensure we get the maximum benefit from the money we receive.

Although the dance school regularly spends significantly more on costuming than the money received from students, MSOD will not sacrifice the way our students look on stage by limiting our costume expenses.

Costumes remain the property of MSOD.

USBs, DVDs and Photos

We normally arrange for professional videoing and photography of the end of year performances (and may do the same for the mid-year performances).

Video USBs/DVDs are created to the same standard as used by regional television studios, and photos are taken at high resolution to allow maximum usefulness for families.

These videos and photos are available to participating students/parents at additional cost.

Special Workshops (Extra Cost)

Our Dance School actively seeks opportunities to improve the quality of teaching provided to students by attending workshops or utilising visiting professionals.  In 2010 this included the NAB “Dance The Dream” opportunity, and in 2012 the Melbourne Ballet Master Workshops.  In January 2015 we ran South West Summer of Dance.

Students will be advised of Special Workshops as they become known.  Additional costs may be involved, however, we do seek sponsorship from Colac businesses to reduce costs.


 Community Involvement

 In its 18 years of operation, Marlene’s School of Dance Colac hassupported the following major events:

  • Colac Kana Festival (annually);
  • Colac Awakenings Festival (four times);
  • Colac Community Christmas Carols(three times);
  • 2011 and 2012 Anam Cara Ball, Colac;
  • 2011, 2012, 2013 Geelong Super-cats Half Time;
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Splash!Dance Festival, Geelong;
  • 2014 Dance Cancer Initiative “Dance for a Cure”, Melbourne;
  • More than 40 fully choreographed staged productions;
  • 2002 Mayoral Reception;
  • 2009 Bushfire Recovery Fundraiser;
  • 2010 NAB Australian Ballet “Dance the Dream” finalist;
  • 2011 Elliminyt Primary School Dance Program;
  • 2012 Colac and District Youth Expo;
  • 2012 Melbourne Ballet Master Classes;
  • 2012 FREEZA youth event;
  • 2012 Colac Otway Powercor Business Awards;
  • 2012 Trinity College’s “13 – The Musical”;
  • 2012 Birregurra Festival;
  • 2012 VCE Distance Education Performance Night;
  • 2012 & 2014 St Brendan’s Primary School;
  • 2013 In the Round;
  • 2013 Dance for a Dollar;
  • 2013 Elliminyt School Performance;
  • 2013 and 2014 Victorian Expo;
  • 2013 Lorne Festival;
  • 2013 Choreographed the Colac Players “Aladdin the Rock Panto”;
  • 2014 “Aida”;
  • 2014 Relay for Life;
  • 2014 Colac Good Friday Appeal;
  • 2014 Mother’s Day at RSL Colac;
  • 2014 Acrobatics Workshop, Terang;
  • 2014 Circus Skills Workshops, Geelong; and
  • 2015 South West Summer of Dance.

 Our students and staff have participated in other productions such as:

  • Australian Ballet Summer School;
  • Ministry of Dance (Melbourne) Summer Scholarships;
  • Red Door Theatre’s production “Hairspray”;
  • Red Door Theatre’s production “All Shook Up”;
  • Victorian State Schools Spectacular;
  • Foot Light Theatre’s production “Miss Saigon”; and
  • Floor Show Geelong (SANE Australia).

 In 2016 our dance school expects to participate in:

  • Relay for Life Colac;
  • Colac KANA Festival;
  • Dance Cancer Initiative Melbourne;
  • Victoria Dance Festival Ballarat;
  • Kidsplace and CircArts Circus School Geelong Workshops and Performances;
  • Going Solo;
  • Ballet Exams;
  • Acrobatic Workshops;
  • MSOD Mid Year Showcase (June?);*
  • MSOD End of Year Performance (November);*
  • Existdance Performance Nights;
  • Children’s Pantomime Production;
  • Spectrum Workshops
  • Ballet Performance
  • Parallax Performance
  • Nursing Home Performances
  • Trinity Secondary College’s production “Bring It On”
  • Red Door Theatre’s production “Legally Blonde”; and
  • much more!

 * Students will be advisedof these dates as soon as we have them locked in



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